About Us

Who we are

LuckyPlay Studio is a game development studio that makes games for the Roblox market. We come from a professional background of game development of traditional card and board games.

What we do

We make games for the Roblox platform together with the participants in the Roblox Game Academy. We are constantly trying to innovate and entertain by introducing new titles to the world of Gaming and IT technology.

How we do it

We're building on the many years of experience of our mentors and teachers, as well as the experience of our partner, Zariba Group. This, combined with the enthusiasm and knowledge of the talent at LuckyPlay Studio, is a recipe for success.

Drive to survive

What is Drive to survive?

Drive to survive is the ultimate chase experience, where one player drives a Monster Truck and is put against 4 player-driven cars. The goal is simple - crush all cars or survive the Truck Chase!

When you enter, every player chooses one truck and one car to be used in the arena and is placed in the social hub. Everyone has a garage to proudly display his vehicle choice and leaderboard stats.
To enter a match, jump on the big red button and wait for the matchmaking to find the perfect players for you.

Win as a Truck or a Car, and get points towards the global Leaderboard. Reach the top and be seen in all server hubs as the best player!

Main features

  • Social hub in space! Jump around in reduced gravity and race other players on the jump pads!
  • The game currently features 3 Trucks and 6 Cars
  • Compete in the Junkyard Arena (first map of many)
  • Custom matchmaking
  • Global Leaderboards for Trucks and Cars

Choose your vehicle


Roblox Game Academy

What is Roblox Game Academy?

Roblox Academy is an academy which offers:

  • Free extensive game development & programming education to young, talented, and motivated people between the age of 14-18.
  • Based in Varna, Bulgaria, the academy can operate nationwide using online meeting services.
The academy’s main goal is to help motivated, young people with their career and personal development by offering them professional education and later giving them work opportunities.

Meet our teachers

Teaching is a mission for which one must have a heart. A large handful of knowledge is by no means a guarantee of whether a teacher is good or bad. We believe that personal dedication and the desire to teach are very serious prerequisites for creating a stable and complete team.

Lecturers and experts at Roblox Game Academy will be people with serious experience and knowledge in the IT sector and the gaming industry. We also bet on the enthusiasm and exceptional intellect of a young man who is only 15 years old and can now and knows much more than professionals in adulthood.

Radoslav Petkov

Radoslav Petkov

Radoslav graduated from the Technical University - Varna, majoring in Computer Systems and Technologies. He started his professional career as a NET programmer in the international company CSC in 2015. There he works for clients such as Honda, Generix Group and others. In early 2018, he joined the team of Zariba Group, where he continued his development as a Game Developer.

Lucky-Martin Matev

Lucky-Martin Matev

Our star is only 15 years old and can now put in his pocket a programmer with many years of skills. Lucky-Martin has gone through many projects in different environments. Born in 2006, he learned about his love of programming at the age of 10 and began studying Web Development. A year later, he completed his second year on the subject and began creating his own projects. In 2019, he started developing and building mobile games and platforms, using his knowledge in computer science so far.

Valeri Marinov

Valeri Marinov

Valeri graduated from the Technical University - Varna, majoring in Engineering Design. He started his professional career as a web designer / illustrator at Pixel Depot in 2006. He later worked for Dtail Studio, 2Create, Intersoft, and First Online Solutions. In the middle of 2021 he joined the team of Zariba Group, where he continued his development as an interface designer / animator.

What we do

This is a beginner's course focused on the Roblox game development platform. The course includes 14 lectures, each of which will have a theoretical and practical part.

During the training, children will be able to learn what Roblox is, how to work with the platform, how to create an account, what is a "sound environment", and how to model an obstacle course.

They will get acquainted with the LUA programming language and it's main types of variables and operations. They will gain first hand experience on how characters are created, how 3D modeling in Blender works. They will learn a lot about game design and how animations come to life in Roblox and much, much more.

In short, we'll teach children how to make games. Not only that, but they will learn how the market works and what makes a monetization strategy profitable. For more details about the course, visit our website - (link to the detailed program)

Who we are

Roblox Game Academy is a course that offers free extended learning for game development and programming to young, talented and motivated people between 14-18 years old. Based in Varna, Bulgaria, the course could be taken either in our office or via online meeting services.

Student Projects

Don't play with the shadows

Don't play with the shadows

Don't play with the shadows is a short horror game with a unique and dynamic plot story.

PvP World

PVP World

PvP World is a classical shooter. The game's goal is the kill as many players as you can and be the last player standing alive.

Fun and Run

Fun and Run

Fun and Run is an obstacle course. The player's goal is to complete all the levels/puzzles and reach the final room.